Monday, July 27, 2009

Old Stuff

Shutting down my website so I'm transferring some of the stuff over. I'll just use my blog as my website from now on. Easier to update.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Found this set of photos by the user *hb19 titled "SKYplay" through Flickr and I thought it was very creative and beautifully done.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I gotta beef!

I love it when my home country, Taiwan, construct nice looking architectures like this and this. During high school, I actually wanted to be an architect until my Satan teacher convinced me not to. Which I thought it's very strange for a teacher to do.
Anyways, I was surfing through and stumbled across an article about a competition to construct a performing art center for Taipei, Taiwan. "Cool!!!" was my initial reaction, until I found out the location and the design.

The location of the site is a pretty well known site. I can guarantee almost 99.9% of the Taipei citizen have been there. The site is right next to Shi Lin night market. More specifically, it's the main attraction of the night market....the food court. Literally, there are HUNDREDS of food vendors available for us to pour our money for some freakin' awesome delicacies. And now, the city is planning on tearing down that parking deck (yes, the food court is below a parking deck) to build this ugly ass building.

More fugliness here.

I kinda wish it was this design instead:


These are what I'll be missing :'(

Photos courtesy of YeinJee.


Did a quick painting. Acrylic on watercolor paper. Still trying to figure out my choice of medium. I really enjoy using paper as my medium because I tend to thin my acrylic a lot. Almost to a water consistency and paper absorbs it fast and not worrying about pushing the paint around. But overall, I still prefer canvas or panels the best. I just gotta figure out how to make my canvas/panel to absorb my acrylic like the paper does.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Two great videos to share with you all.

First, is a nice little interview with Jeff Soto. He recently had an exhibition at the Riverside Art Museum. It's quite impressive considered that not too many artist have gallery showing at a museum, not just in galleries. In the video, he talks about influences on his art growing up and his reoccurring "Human vs. Nature" theme in his artworks.

Next, is a video of two artist collaboration piece, KMNDZ and Ekundayo. Ekundayo style is so unique and can be easily spotted as his and his only. I don't think I've ever seen an artist that can incorporate the whole spectrum of colors into a piece and still make sense. All I can say is...I wish I paid more attention in my Color Theory class.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Font Making

The iQ font, after Toyota iQ.

BMW Concept

Great concept but turning on the headlights is kinda creepy.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Let it Burn

Another interesting Japanese artist, Wataru Ito. He spent over four years constructing this:

Yup, that's right. An entire cityscape constructed with only paper, craft glue, hole puncher and a knife. I have to say, Japanese people are pretty patient and take big pride at what they do. Just like the artist in my previous blog, Kenji also spent weeks for his stencils and their complex art clearly show how much time they spend on it.

Currently, the city art is being exhibited on an artificial island of Umihotaru, near Tokyo, Japan. And what is Wataru planning on doing with his city art after the exhibition? Burn it down, of course. Crazy, huh? Four years commitment and to end it like that. I guess the burning part is also art.

More pictures provided by

Stencil Art

Shepard Fairey is an amazing stencil artist and everything he does admires me. From simple stickers to illegal wheat pasting in the city and his political/controversial art. Everything he does is pretty damn amazing.
Now, I think I just found another stencil artist that is just as impressive as Shepard Fairey, but on a completely different level. Although not as powerful as Shepard, Kenji Nakayama's stencils are way more complicated and finely detailed compare to Shepard's. Kenji is a Japanese artist based in Boston, Mass. and mainly stencil street scene. What impresses me is that he can take a simple subject and turn it into a complicated art (such as alleys and freight trains).
Here are some good example.

And check out his 11 layer process here.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rice Field Art

Japanese people never fail to amaze me. Check out these rice field art created by a variety of rice.

More here and here.

Monday, July 6, 2009


Had so much fun making the previous design so I decided to make another. This piece is influenced by my fascination with ancient Egyptian civilization, this t-shirt, and Transformer. Why Transformer you ask? Well...nothing much is related to Transformer other than the fact that Fallen is one badass character and he looks like a Pharaoh to me. I might put some background just like the previous design. But instead of words, it'll be hieroglyphics.

With just the outlines:


Did a horrible job inking because of shaky hand. Good thing there's AI.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009


So I've always be fascinated by t-shirt design, more into the artwork that' ON the shirt, not the shape/design of the shirt itself. Anyways, I just wanted to do some digital art and asked myself "what would I wear if I were to design the art." And this is what came to me.

I've been drawing this octopus for a while now and in a way, it had incorporated into my art and sorta like an icon/mascot for me. After a while of doodling, the sunglasses came to me. I guess I drew it because on the day of Michael's death, I waited on a mother and a son. Long story short, they were the one that told me of Michael's death and the boy was wearing this kind of sunglasses. I thought he looked ridiculously funny but I give him props for having the balls to wear it in the streets.
The glasses then lead to the text in the background. Every time I see those sunglasses, it reminds me of Kanye's "Stronger" music video and I thought I'd incorporate the lyrics to the background.

Maybe I'll get those iron-on transfer sheet and print it on a t-shirt :-D